Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage


    Mission statements

  about the CO-CREATION project

  by the four project leaders. 

Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society (Denmark)


Interfolk is delighted to take part in this Erasmus+ development project , where we shall  promote  new forms of co-creative cooperation in our municipalities between the voluntary culture and arts associations and the public culture institutions. We wish to support a new co-creation agenda based on more equal terms, where citizens and other civil society actors are engaged not only as co-implementers, but also as co-initiators and co-designers of new welfare services in the field of arts, culture and heritage services. We think a new co-creative agenda can show viable alternative to government and market-based        pro-duction of public services and help to shift the welfare agenda from New Public Management to New Public Governance. 

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, Chief Executive

DFKS - Det Frivillige Kulturelle Samråd(Denmark)


A Danish municipality expresses the following about co-creation:"We want to be closer to the citizens in order to create a close community and involve them in relevant decisions. We do so because we believe that all citizens are an important resource that has a shared responsibility and a role to play in our municipality. We make it concrete by being more facilitative and being in an early dialogue with citizens, associations and other actors. It's about creating small local communities and cross-community communities in general."

       More and more municipalities in Denmark express the same attitude, and in DFKS we can only endorse this statement, but we wonder that the municipalities now say what the voluntary associations have said for years without being heard. Is probably the result of the fact that New Public Management is on the way out of public administrations and an acknowledgment that a welfare society must be based on both the public and the civil society? But whatever the reason, we can only welcome this development in DFKS and therefore we are pleased to participate in the CO-Create project aimed at making the cultural associations more proactive and agenda settling in new development projects for co-creative cooperation.

Bente von Schindel, President

EDUCULT - Institute for Cultural Policy and Cultural Management (Austria)


Co-creation between public actors and civil society organisations in the cultural field does exist. We believe that this kind of mutual dialogue and collaboration on all stages of a project or programme conceptualisation and implementation could empower the civil society and improve the quality of projects and programmes in general. The question we are interested in is, how these co-creative approaches work out and what are the conditions and criteria that such an effort can be successful. EDUCULT itself would be very much interested in stronger collaborate on these levels with public administrations.

Aron Weigl, Executive Director, Research & Consulting

SKS - Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland


Working with the co-creation project, the Association hopes to find new ways to develop cooperation in the field of cultural heritage education towards more co-creative approach, to genuinely engage different stakeholders, and to implement and adapt the ideas of co-creation in the fields of culture, heritage and education in general.

Kati Nurmi, Project manager for Heritage Hubs

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