Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage

The partnership circle

The partnership circle

consists of four partners from Denmark, Austria and Finland, and it includes a Danish national umbrella for nine national culture associations, one Finnish heritage educational and development centre, an Austrian Research centre in the field of European arts and culture; and a Danish Lifelong learning institute working with cultural learning and civil society empowerment.


The Partners

Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society (DK) (coordinator organisation)


DFKS - Det Frivillige Kulturelle Samråd (Council for voluntary cultural associations) (DK)


EDUCULT - Denken und Handeln im Kulturbereich Verein (EDUCULT - Institute for Cultural Policy and Cultural Management) (AT)


SKS - Suomen Kulttuuriperintökasvatuksen seura ry (The Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland) (FI)


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