Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage


A national umbrella assocation

DFKS - Det Frivillige Kulturelle Samråd (Council for voluntary cultural associations) was founded in May 2015

and represents nine national arts and culture associations.

DFKS wishes to strengthen the visibility of the area, initiate development work, offer courses and further education, and provide documentation and statistics in the field.

The local members of the national associations are associations where volunteers convey, organize, arrange, create frames, etc. for activities within the arts, culture and cultural heritage. The local members represents a myriad of arts and culture associations, where volunteers convey, arrange and create frames for activities within arts, culture and heritage; and at the same time, the actors in these activities are always professional and they consist of touring theatres, visual artists and musi-cians as well as culture researchers, historians, etc.

DFKS  represents the following nine natioanal associations i the field of participatory arts, culture and heritage:

  • Danmarks Teaterforeninger (Denmark 's Theatre Association)

see www.dk-teaterforeninger.dk

  • Danske Børne- og Ungdomsfilmklubber (Danish Children and Youth Film Clubs)

see www.dabuf.dk

  • Dansk Lokalhistorisk Forening (Danish Local History Association)

see http://dansklokalhistoriskforening.dk

  • Kulturelle Samråd i Danmark (The Cultural Councils in Denmark)

see www.kulturellesamraad.dk / Member of AMATEO - The European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities.

  • Kulturhusene i Danmark (The national society of Danish cultural centres)

see www.kulturhusene.dk / Member of ENCC - The European Network of Cultural Centres

  • Sammenslutningen af Danske Filmklubber (The Association of Danish Film Clubs)
  • see www.danskefilmklubber.dk
  • Sammenslutningen af Danske Kunstforeninger (The Association of Danish Art Societies)

see www.sdkunst.dk

Sammenslutningen af Museumsforeninger I Danmark (Danish Federation of Friends of Museums)

see www.sammus.dk / Member of WFFM - The World Federation of Friends of Museums

  • Samrådet for de litterære selskaber i Danmark

see www.litteraturselskaber.dk

In the movie clubs, which can be adult movie clubs as well as children's movie clubs, the professional touch are of course the movies. For the museums and cultural centres, the staff of the professional museums and cultural houses is involved, and for the literary companies (there are a total of 56 authors associations in the national country organization), professional actors and libraries are responsible for reading events. The local historical associations are of great importance to researchers from universities who, in the same way, could not gather the local storytelling without these volunteers. And finally, local cultural politicians and cultural administrations in the municipalities are collaborators for cultural councils, there are local umbrellas over and advocating local cultural associations.

The voluntary culture associations organise in cooperation with the professionals a plethora of arts and cultural services around the country for the benefit of large sections of the population - and perhaps to extra delight in the sparsely populated areas, where there would otherwise not be many opportunities for having experiences with art and culture.

DFKS - Det Frivillige Kulturelle Samrå

Farvergade 27d, 3.,

1463 Copenhagen K


Web:  www.dfks.dk

Tel.:   (+45) 29 64 70 40

Mail:  dfks@dfks.dk


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