Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage

First meeting in Vienna

Time and place

The first meeting took place 11 - 12 Oct 2018 at EDUCULT's office at Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien. 


Aron Weigl, EDUCULT (AT);

Angela Wieser and Noé Bex, EDUCULT (AT) during first day of the meeting

Bente von Schindel, DFKS (DK)

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, IF (DK)

Ira Vihreälehto, KPK (FI)

Kati Nurmi, KPK (FI). 

Aim and planned deliverables

The overall aim of the kick-off meeting was to engage the essentials of the project idea and clarify management issues. The planned and provided deliverables were :

Presentations of organisations and persons.

Clarify the idea of co-creative cooperation.

Approved work plan and budget.

Detail plan for next work package: Compile good practise and survey report (WP 03)

Adopted legal and financial agreements and guidelines.

Clarified plans and procedures for internal communication, dissemination, and evaluation .

Approve design of visual identity, logo and project website.

Evaluation of the initial project phase and the first meeting

Agenda and minutes

Presentations from the meeting

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