Curricula Report

Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage

Curricula Report

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The Curricula Report was published October 2019. INterfolk was lead partner and editor. 

Aim and objectives

The aim is to present the tested and refined curricula for in-service training courses in a national and European context for culture actors engaged in co-creative and cross-sector cooperation. The objectives are:

  • To clarify the key findings of the previous tests of the three national and the one transnational pilot courses.
  • To elaborate the core curricula for key competence for successful co-creative cooperation.
  • To outline exemplary course packages.

Frame and outline of the Report

The Curricula Report can have the following outline:

  1. Foreword on common background and aims for new training courses in the field (1-2 pages)
  2. Introduction of used methodology with reference to the tests of the threef national pilot courses and the transnational pilot course as well as the initial state of the arts survey (3-4 pages).
  3. Presentations of the essential curricula for culture actors engaged in co-creative cooperation, including the learning outcomes, admission requirements, main subjects, course materials, etc (8-10 pages).
  4. Presentation of appropriate pedagogical method and variation in different course contexts 3-4 pages).
  5. Concluding perspectives on common needs and challenges and recommendations on how to initiate new training courses for staff in the European sector of amateur arts, voluntary culture and heritage that wish to promote new participatory and co-creative activities (4-5 pages).
  6. Annexes with short presentations of ready-to-use formative in-service training packages for participants in varied regional, national or European context ( 5 course descriptions of 3 pages, in all 15 pages).

The text of the multilateral report including annexes will be approx. 40 standard pages (like 2400 characters per page, 40 lines of 60 characters) exclusive illustrations that will include a series of exemplary photos from the surveys, compilation of best practise examples and training sessions during the project.

Published as an English PDF-edition for wide dissemination.

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