Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage

Results and outcome


During the first phase: Initiate & found, Sept 2018 – Feb 2019 (6 months);

  • We compile good practice and innovtive approaches, and publish the Summary Survey Report on state of arts, English PDF-ed.;
  • and we will engage our target groupsby by news-nails, social media, articlesat media  and presentations at events.

During the second phase: Develop & test, March 2019 – Sept 2019 (7 months);

  • With reference to the Survey Report, we provide the Curricula Guidelines, design and test three national pilot courses and one European pilot course in Askov, DK;
  • and we engage our target groups by by announcements of the courses and news-nails, social media, articles at media  and presenattions at events.

During the third phase with final dissemination, Oct 2019  – Jan 2020 4 months);

  • We evaluate the pilot courses and publish the final Curricula Report, English PDF-ed.;
  • and complete the three concluding national conferences and the final dissemination of the project results.

Sustainability after the end of the project

  • We think, thean effecient disseminatoon of relevent results during the project, can pave the way for a more sustainable anchoring after the conclusion of the project;
  • and we expect that our organisations to a high degree will start to offer new training possibilities and use the developed methods for their future co-creative and cross-sector cooperation.

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