Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage

Aim and objectives


The aim is to develop the knowledge and capacity in voluntary culture associations, culture institutions and culture departments to provide transformative and empowering co-creative cooperation, incl. inter-sector collaboration, open networking and reach-out to new audiences.


The objectives for the development work will:

  • be based on an understanding of co-creation with reference to New Public Governance and its understanding of co-creation as a mean of empowerment of citizens and civil society associations;
  • promote a co-creative cooperation on equal terms, where citizens and other civil society ac-tors are engaged not only as co-implementers, but also as co-initiators and co-designers of new welfare services;
  • have focus on the synergistic benefit and the so-called 'transformative potential' for active citizenship, democratic participation and community bonding;
  • present forms of co-creation, where the cultural associations not only are equal partners, but also in part of the cooperation can have the role as initiators and governing actors to release the transformative potentials

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