Co-creative cooperation in culture and heritage

Summary of project concept


The concept of "co-creation" has the last years been on the political agenda of the municipalities, both in Denmark and other Western European and Nordic countries. Although the idea of "co-creation" builds on earlier experiences of collaboration and user Involvement, it goes further by focusing on empowerment and the 'transformative potential' of co-creation.


The aim is to compile good practise and innovative approaches for a co-creative cooperation be-tween volunteers and professionals in culture associations, public culture institutions and culture departments of the municipalities that promote the 'transformative potential' of new public governance and the goal of creative empowerment.


The 17 months project has three main phases:

1. Found

1.1 Desk research and feed from reference groups on state of the Arts

1.2 Publish Summery Survey Report, English PDF-ed.

2. Develop

2.1 Develop Curricula Guidelines and exemplary course packages

2.2 Design and test three national pilot curses

2.3 Design and test one transnational pilot course

3. Disseminate

3.1 Launch the project Portal at the start of the project and keep it updated.

3.2 Publish Curricula Compendia, English PDF-ed.

3.3. Complete national 1-day seminars in each partner country.

3.4. Provide sustainable dissemination, incl. provision of new Erasmus+ training courses after the project.


We expect the project can help to promote a co-creative practice in the municipalities based on more equal terms, where citizens and other civil society actors are engaged not only as co-implementers, but also as co-initiators and co-designers of new welfare services, especially in the field of culture and leisure activities.


consists of four partners from Denmark, Austria and Finland, and it includes a Danish national umbrella for nine national culture associations, one Finnish heritage educational and development centre, an Austrian Research centre in the field of European arts and culture; and a Danish Lifelong learning institute working with cultural learning and civil society empowerment.

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